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The Client is Always Right

When you make a purchase, you are doing more than just simply exchanging your money for someone else's goods or services. You are giving that person or company your business and investing your capitol in their future success. I can say without any hesitation that I am so pleased to have done business with Michael over at Hawthorne Auto Group, and am thrilled in having invested in their company with my purchase.

I live almost 3 hours away, and drove to Hawthorne to look at a car they were selling. I had very limited time, and Michael opened an hour early to accommodate my travel schedule. He opened up his shop so I could fully inspect the vehicle, and allowed me to take a good and robust test drive. He was very forthcoming on the existing problems the car had, which were very few, and he was even agreeable to a reasonable negotiation of the sales price (which was already very fairly priced to begin with). I put down a deposit on the car, and drove home.

The next Saturday, I took a three hour bus trip back to Hawthorne to complete my purchase of the car. Michael met me at the bus stop and drove me himself back to his lot, where we completed our paperwork quickly and efficiently, and I had a fantastic drive home in my new vehicle.

Michael brings very good condition vehicles onto his lot, and the car I purchased is a testament to that. He also prices his cars and trucks fairly and honestly, with no ridiculous upcharges.

All these other positive reviews people are leaving are legit. Doing business with Michael at Hawthorne Auto Group was a fantastic experience, and totally worth the travel time. My new car is equally as fantastic. I cannot recommend their services enough, and hope they continue to be successful in the future.

Jason Hutson

I’ve had my car for two months now and I’m glad I chose Hawthorne for my new purchase. I was told to come by whenever and although I haven’t had any major issues Michael has assisted me in a professional and timely manner. I recommend Hawthorne Auto group if you’re look for a reliable and affordable vehicle.

Janay Simpkins

Michael was very helpful with handling all the communication between banks and insurance companies. He actually bought the truck I was selling and I ended up buying another one from him in what turned out to be a win-win situation. He even installed a small part for the truck that was ordered before the purchase free of charge. He also worked around my work schedule to meet and was very efficient in getting both transactions completed.

Jacob PettyJohn

I had an awesome experience with Hawthorne Auto Group. The owner was professional and genuine. He took care of me from the beginning to the end of the buying process. I’ve never met a dealer this down to earth. I recommend Hawthorne Auto Group to anyone looking for a vehicle. Thank you Michael!

Cassidy Jones

Amazing customer service, great cars in great conditions for the value. Wont try to rip you off as they are very reasonable. Highly recommend looking at what they have to offer.

Logan Lozano

He is a man of his word. When I called he was patient even FaceTime me and done everything I asked. He did not misrepresent the car at all the car was exactly what he said it was when I got there. I drove 3 1/2 hours to get the car. I would definitely buy from him again without any doubts.

Ronnie B

Had a great buying experience! Owner stayed late to meet us no hassle! Spoke with him when car was listed he held the car to accommodate to our work schedule for pick up. All in all a great place to buy a vehicle.

Jeremy Hendrix

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